Farmhouse on the Runway

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Jerome and Mesha never knew what was in store for them when they met by chance on Mesha’s trip to Orange Beach with her kids. Now, a marriage and many years later, the couple is living their dream life in their dream home in Maplesville, Alabama thanks to Clayton Homes.

Living life on the runway is everything the Mayfields could have hoped for and more. Featuring their Clayton farmhouse, event venue, fun animals, and a private plane landing strip, Jerome and Mesha’s plot of land in quaint Maplesville, Alabama has become the place dreams are made of.

The Mayfields story began when Mesha and her children took a trip to Orange Beach to celebrate her daughter’s graduation. After being invited by her friend to go on a boat ride, she met Jerome, and they’ve been together ever since. Though Mesha moved to the beach to be with Jerome, part of her felt called to move back near her family, so the couple packed up and moved into a home in Maplesville.

Jerome’s family owned a 300-acre property on the outskirts of town, featuring an airstrip, which Jerome and his father had used for many years to enjoy their passion for flying. Soon after moving into their home, the couple began hosting family events at the property, which then expanded to converting the property into a wedding and event venue.

After 5 years of commuting to the property every day, Jerome and Mesha decided it was time to build a house on the property. The couple debated whether they should construct a home on-site or go the prefabricated route. Jerome was set on taking their time, but Mesha was determined to move into a new home as soon as possible. After seeing the floorplan for a farmhouse built by Clayton Homes, Mesha knew she was in love.

With the help of the home consultants of Clayton Homes of Clanton, the Mayfields were moved into the Lulamae model four months later. Built with the grandkids in mind, their home features spaces to play, bake, and relax. Though Jerome and Mesha initially planned to construct a site-built home to move into in the long-run, they’ve decided against it.

The personalized home has everything they could have wished for in a home, from a wood-burning fireplace to a permanent brick foundation. The Mayfields have found their happily ever after!

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